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Welcome to The Pennsylvania Keystone Jurisdiction

The Headquarters:

Greater Canaan Church of God in Christ

651 North 40th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Bishop Vernon I. Prioleau, Sr. (Jurisdictional Prelate)


Mother Prioleau

Mother F. Prioleau

(First Lady of PA. Keystone Jurisdiction)

Queen Mother Frances Prioleau

Mother Frances Prioleau has been the proud daughter of Bishop and Mother Fordham until their final day on earth. In fact, it is believed that they are looking down from heaven and their thoughts of her have not changed. She was a spectacular princess who has now grown into an exceptional QUEEN! She is the wife of our wonder full Pastor (her earthly King), the Right Reverend Bishop Vernon I. Prioleau, Sr. Together, they have three wonderful children: Terra, Kim, and Jr. They are all in the ministry, saved sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost—what a blessing. Mother did not just arrive to where she is. She has worked in the ministry of the Lord all of her life. As a young teenage missionary, she traveled by foot picking up her entire Sunday school class—every Sunday—and then she taught them. After service was over, she walked them all back home…this was not a five or ten minute journey! Parents entrusted their children in the care of this young Princess (on foot), even during the times of discrimination…this says a lot! Furthermore, Princess Frances served on every committee and department in her home church prior to coming to Philadelphia. She was an usher, nurse, deaconess, choir member, altar worker, music department member, secretary, Sunday school teacher, youth leader, women department assistant , and missionary board member, just to name a few. Princess Frances served so diligently and faithfully until her works rings from church to church and home to home even unto today in the South Carolina area (her home town). While she is yet alive her life’s impact continues to make a finger print on the lives of many that can never be removed, replaced, or forgotten. In her current home church of 43 years, as a Godly Queen, she has done above double even triple the tasks that she had done as a young prince; including going to school and obtaining both her BS and MA in Theology. So, we sit, and listen attentively at the feet of this anointed woman of God who have developed over time into this irreplaceable Queen of a Mother, Mother Frances Prioleau.