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Welcome to The Pennsylvania Keystone Jurisdiction

The Headquarters:

Greater Canaan Church of God in Christ

651 North 40th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Bishop Vernon I. Prioleau, Sr. (Jurisdictional Prelate)



Bishop Vernon I. Prioleau, Sr.

(PA Keystone Jurisdictional Prelate)

Bishop Vernon I. Prioleau, Sr. was born in Pineville, South Carolina, the son of the late Reverend Thomas E. and Mary Prioleau. His father Pastored three churches and his father-in-law, the late Bishop Enoch Fordham, was the Presiding Bishop of the United Bible Church of Christ.

Bishop Vernon Prioleau, Sr. was saved at the age of nine years old and was called to the ministry at the age of sixteen. In January of 1966, Bishop Prioleau, Sr. came to Philadelphia and joined the Church of God in Christ under the Pastorate of. his uncle, the late Dr. Harry Judge. Bishop Prioleau, Sr. first served in the Sunday School Department and as a district youth leader before embarking upon the evangelical field, proclaiming to all people that “the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Romans 6:23) He served as a Superintendent for over 30 years. He started the “Good Shephard” night during the Jurisdictional Holy Convocation in Commonwealth Jurisdiction. He also served as the Chairman of Finance for the Commonwealth Jurisdiction. After 30 faithful years of service, God lead Bishop Prioleau, Sr. back home to the Pennsylvania Keystone Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. In the Pennsylvania Keystone Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, Bishop Prioleau, Sr. served as the Superintendent program coordinator and the Administrative assistant for several years. He is now the Prelate of the Pennsylvania Keystone Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Bishop Prioleau, Sr. is truly a Godly, Spirit-filled, humble servant of the Lord. In regards to accomplishing the spiritual mission God has given him, Bishop Prioleau is quoted as saying, “It can be done. On our ‘Faith Journey’ we trusted God to perform miracles for us and He did!” There is not enough time in one sitting to tell all of the miracles that God has done through Bishop Prioleau Sr.’s ministry. Many have been healed from cancer, strokes, HIV, Diabetes and so much more. People have been brought back to life from death door. Through his prayers numerous doctor reports has been nulled and void. The members of his local church, where he Pastor’s, can testify that NOT ONE WORD that he spoke prophetically has EVER FAILED, NOT ONE!!! Bishop Prioleau, Sr. has trained all who would heed, how to pray, to build their faith in God, how to tarry, and when the devil shows up…how to cast that devil out. Bishop Prioleau, Sr., to this very day, still has, his local church fasting, on consecrations, tarrying for the Holy Ghost, and will allow the Holy Spirit to take over the service in a second. Demons are still being cast out and the fivefold ministry is in full operation at his local church. In addition to his great spiritual wisdom, Bishop Prioleau’s educational background includes degrees from St. Stephens High School, American Bible College (of which he graduated three times), General and Advanced Bible Studies, and the Electronics Training Technical School. He also received a teacher’s training certificate enabling him to teach General and Advance Bible courses to his congregation. Bishop Prioleau graduated with an Associate of Arts degree from Geneva College through the Center for Urban Theological Studies and a Doctorate Degree from Next Dimension University.

Bishop Vernon I. Prioleau, Sr. has been the faithful husband to one wife, Evangelist Mother Frances Prioleau, for 50 years. They have been blessed with three children: Terra R. Prioleau, Kim  Prioleau-Bishop, and Vernon Prioleau, Jr. They have a son-in-law, Howard Bishop, Jr., and one daughter-in-law, Lavonchia Prioleau. Bishop Prioleau, Sr. is the proud grandfather to six biological grandchildren: Cynfani Prioleau, Howard Bishop III, Courtney Prioleau, Vernon Prioleau, III, Josiah Bishop and Vershon Prioleau.

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