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Pennsylvania Keystone Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction is one of the most prestigious Jurisdictions in the world!.

Pennsylvania Keystone Jurisdiction, by the grace of God, is fully functioning and move by the direction of the Holy Spirit. 

1.  Bishop Vernon I. Prioleau, Sr --(Jurisdictional Prelate)           11.  President of Y.P.W.W--Pastor Jackson                           21. Pastor M. Jones -- Superintendent

2.  Mother Frances Prioleau --(First lady of the Jurisdiction)       12. Chair-lady of Y.P.W.W--Evangelist Elizabeth Jones     22.  Pastor Micheal -- Superintendent

3.  Mother Sherly Williams-- (Jurisdictional Supervisor)           13. President of Evangelist Department--Elder Jones           23.

4. Bishop Marvin Williams-- First assistant                                    14. Elect-Lady of Evangelist Department--Evangelist Kim Bishop

5.  Supt. Jerrold Weatherly-- Administrative Assistant               15. President of Sunday School Department--

6.  Supt. Quinzell Weston--Chairman of Aim                                   16. Field worker of the Sunday School Department--

7.   Supt. Claret Turner-- Superintendent of the East District       17. President of Missions -- Evangelist Kim Bishop

8.  Supt. Curtis T. Schley--Jurisdictional Secretary                       18. President of Music Department -- Evangelist Mabel Perkins

9.  Supt. G. Michael Jones-- Institution hour President                 19. Assistant to the President of the Music Department -- Evangelist Bird

10. Evangelist Kim Bishop-- Institution hour assistant                 20. Minister of Music--Elder Vernon I. Prioleau, Jr.

The Pennsylvania Keystone Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction evolved from the Keystone District of the Pennsylvania Western Jurisdiction 1st, under the late Bishop G.E. Vaughn in 1985.

In December 1953, Bishop George A. Williams came to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He preached his first sermon in 1954 under the late Bishop Bruce Madison Oakley; and was ordained to the Gospel Ministry in September 1958 by the late Bishop Ozro Thurston Jones, Sr.

Bishop George A. Williams was appointed the District Superintendent of the Keystone District in April of 1973, as a Superintendent in Philadelphia, an eastern Pennsylvania city. He helped to purchase church buildings for Pastor’s starting new ministries. There was the geographical constraints of location that caused the Eastern based district not to be centralized with the Western Pennsylvania Headquarters Jurisdiction. Bishop Williams became the Administrative Assistant to Bishop Vaughn in August of 1978. As the district continued to grow and more churches were being added in the east, Bishop Williams made application to the late Presiding Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr. to be certified as a jurisdiction.

In 1985 Bishop Williams was appointed to the office of Bishop by the late Presiding Bishop J.O. Patterson and the General Board of the Church of God in Christ in Memphis Tennessee. The Jurisdiction is headquartered at the Rehoboth Temple Church of God in Christ, 1210 West Wyoming Avenue, Philadelphia, PA. Since being at this location, by the divine will of God, Bishop Williams is now Prelate of the Keystone Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Pennsylvania Church of God in Christ. In 1987 an additional 50 x 70 feet was added to the existing building. On Sunday, July 10, 1988, our former presiding Bishop Chandler D. Owens dedicated the new facilities to the Lord. In July 2003, an additional 7 X 35 feet was added at the church to provide a three-story elevator with indoor-outdoor ramp access to assist the senior saints and handicap to have greater access to the entire church facilities, along with a new stairwell.

Bishop Williams selected the late Mother Marlene D. Talley to be the Supervisor of Women’s Department for the Jurisdiction. Mother Talley was at that time a National Evangelist. She was selected to be a member of the Advisory Board by our previous General Supervisor of Women, Mother Emma Crouch. She was also a member of the Executive Board of our General Supervisor of Women, Mother Willie Mae Rivers until she received her heavenly reward on March 29, 2015. Her presence and impact will always remain with us.

All Things are possible to those who believe!

We have the faith to be tithers, givers, prayer warriors, demon slayers, showing Godly love one to the other, builders, working in unity, staying in the word of God and quitting is not an option; for we are faith walkers, through Jesus Christ our Lord .

Bishop Vernon I. Prioleau, Sr.